Michael Chin

Michael Chin Worcester Colleague
Michael Chin from Worcester, Massachusetts has spent many years of his life studying to obtain his M.D. as well as the ins and outs of radiation oncology and plastic surgery. With all of this strenuous work and research, Michael has found time for a very demanding extracurricular activity in martial arts.  

Dr. Chin has extensive martial arts training starting initially with Chinese martial arts. He has more than a decade experience in training and teaching Southern White Crane (Bak Hok Pai) Kung Fu, which encompasses both internal and external aspects. Additionally, he has several years of training in a variety of Northern and Southern Shaolin styles, as well as experience with Chen Taichi. Despite this broad background in traditional Chinese martial arts, Dr. Chin felt there was a large disconnect between training theory and practical self-defense application, particularly where the internal aspects were taught. After an extensive search of combative systems, Dr. Chin encountered Systema, which he immediately recognized as the invaluable link between internal work and practical application. After an initial period of study, all of his previous training quickly appeared to make more intuitive sense. The fluidity and principles of the Russian System seemed very familiar, yet offered more tangible scientific explanation than his earlier training experiences.

Realizing the depth of Systema, Dr. Chin now devotes all his training energy towards understanding this complete martial art. Certified under Vladimir Vasiliev to teach Systema, Dr. Chin utilizes his medical understanding of human anatomy and physiology to provide a unique teaching perspective on this devastatingly effective martial art.

Michael Chin & Mass Bay Systema

Michael Chin teaches Systema in Worcester, Massachusetts and the Boston area. Systema training encompasses multiple types of combat. Some of the more notable types combats that involved in Systema are hand-to-hand combat, grappling, weapons training, and management of multiple opponents. The focus of Systema mainly involves the six body levers through various pressure point application, striking, and weapons use.
Michael Chin Worcester Mass Bay Systema